Recent Before & After Photos

Kitchen Fire Before and After

This home suffered a severe fire in 2015.  The kitchen was the most damaged room in the home, however, the entire home had to be cleaned from smoke damage ... READ MORE

Fireplace Rebuild in Boise, ID

This home was almost completely engulfed by fire in Boise, ID. SERVPRO of Boise handled the mitigation and the reconstruction of the entire rebuild of the home.... READ MORE

Fire Retardant Cleanup

In the summer of 2015 a wild fire came dangerously closed to a prestigious Boise foothills neighborhood. Due to the fire danger to the homes fire retardant was... READ MORE

Vandalism- Water Damage

This home was vandalized and left with broken glass and water damage throughout the entire home. SERVPRO of Boise performed the water mitigation and the reconst... READ MORE

Home Collision- Board Up Services

This homeowner awoke to a car colliding with his home, causing extensive damage to his front porch, door and window making the home unlivable.  The ho... READ MORE

Fire Restoration

This customer's home was engulfed by fire in 2015. After a fire there is often damage from the fire and from the water that the fire department sprays to put th... READ MORE

Mold in Crawlspace

This job was referred directly to SERVPRO from a local adjuster.  This customer had been feeling sick and had been in the hospital for over a month with Vi... READ MORE

Emergency Board Up

One of the local Popeye's locations was damaged by a car colliding with the building. SERVPRO was called in to assess the damage and begin the cleanup. &nb... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Before and After

This home was damaged by a kitchen fire in January of 2016.  The customer's insruance referred them to SERVPRO, knowing that we are full service and can ha... READ MORE

Meth Lab

This homeowner was devastated when she found that her tenants had destroyed her property.  She called SERVPRO to migiate the chemical residue leftover from... READ MORE